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We help our clients think holistically about how ESG and CSR considerations impact risk management, operations, disclosure and compliance, brand protection and value creation.


ESG is an interdisciplinary subject that touches upon many aspects of a business’s operations, from how it runs itself and its fundamental culture, to the manner it addresses regulatory requirements. We help each client fashion enterprise-level policies and set goals that are aligned with its corporate mission, and that facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements.

CSR is a unique interdisciplinary area that encompasses a complex juxtaposition of voluntary policies around good corporate citizenship with risk management, including topics as wide ranging as corporate philanthropy to anti-discrimination. We take a cross-disciplinary approach that can draw upon our transactional, regulatory, employment and litigation practitioners to assist our clients to develop compliance programs and address public, media, regulatory or other stakeholder scrutiny. We help our clients navigate the web of potential risks that may arise from actions designed to be a good corporate citizen.

Our advice encompasses:

  • Board and corporate management processes evaluation and the develop of best practices including committee composition and charters, nominating processes, diversity, and corporate housekeeping
  • Incorporate ESG into transactional strategy, documents, and diligence
  • Conduct climate assessments
  • Design and implement diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) initiatives
  • Draft relevant policies, codes of ethics, values statements, and public comments on matters of environmental and social significance
  • ESG evaluations in the M&A context
  • Conduct investigations into corporate and workplace misconduct including discrimination, harassment, financial fraud, anti-bribery and FCPA violations, bullying, retaliation, and policy violations
  • Design policies, programs, and trainings for ethics and compliance, DEI, respectful workplace, sustainability, investigations, nonretaliation
  • Public Benefit Company formation and compliance
  • Non-profit organizational counseling, including tax-exempt 501(c)(3) formation and governance
  • Global supply chain compliance matters
  • Developing policies and addressing public, media and regulatory scrutiny over CSR considerations
  • Responding to media inquiries
  • Corporate strategic risk assessments

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Noreen R. Weiss

Chair-US, Managing Partner, New York