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gunnercooke’s mission is to serve our lawyers so that they can better serve clients. At gunnercooke, we believe that we can both thrive in our profession, and live full, interesting, and joyful lives.

The US office of gunnercooke was launched in 2022 with headquarters in New York City and has since laid the foundations for a full-service corporate law firm, growing rapidly to a team of 14 attorneys admitted in six states across a full range of corporate, transactions, commercial and disputes practice areas. We are continuing the UK trajectory of a fast growing corporate and commercial law firm servicing a wide range of corporate clients domestically and internationally, and our strategic plan includes expansion into key US cities. By joining gunnercooke you will become part of a team of more than 350 lawyers across the UK and Europe.

The firm operates as a fee share model that puts the control of your practice in your hands and brings certainty to the financial and remuneration aspects of your practice. The US firm offers a full range of employee benefits, and setting us apart from the pack, we have a model for associate hiring. Our people build and work in dynamic teams of their choosing, drawing on specific disciplines from across the firm, to best suit their clients’ needs.

A collegial work environment is at the forefront of gunnercooke’s award-winning culture, which is what sets the firm apart from the rest. Last year over 30% in fees were generated from internal referrals. We encourage our people to connect and collaborate with colleagues through a strong teamworking ethic complemented by a vibrant event program, where they can find likeminded individuals with shared values and purpose.

As an experienced advisor in your field, you’ll be confident that you can provide the best possible service to your clients. But you’ll also be given the tools required to manage and grow your practice, working with our in-house business development team and the ability to engage coaches to support you in reaching your goals. You’ll also benefit from a support team in place to meet your practice finance, IT, compliance and marketing needs.

The flexibility of running your own practice also means you set your targets, you choose who you work with, and decide how and when you work. So, whether you see gunnercooke as a place to develop the niche practice you are so passionate about, are looking to work with the perfect team to service your clients or want the flexibility to pursue projects alongside your day job, we could be the best career move you ever make.

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Award Winning Culture:

In business, everything can be copied but the culture – and we’re very proud of the culture we have created at gunnercooke.

With coaching, an internal television station, regular networking events and an extensive social program including an annual Symposium in Oxford, gunnercooke provides a vibrant internal network. Although lawyers operate from wherever they choose, they each feel like they’re part of a wider family where every member understands their peers’ work, ambitions and challenges.

The very nature of our organization breeds collaboration. Working within a network of experienced likeminded lawyers, you have access to a world of expertise, perspectives and potential new clients. Last year 30% of fees were generated through internally referrals.

Teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of our firm and we encourage as much networking, cross-referrals and teamwork as possible. Many of our lawyers work on matters with a large team around them, comprising gunnercooke attorneys from a range of practice areas. You choose who you work with.

The Symposium

The Symposium is gunnercooke’s annual highlight event, a two-day all-firm retreat in Oxford. This event epitomizes the gunnercooke culture of collaboration and togetherness, as we all come together to celebrate our successes. The days are filled with keynote addresses, workshops and breakout sessions, networking and social events, and a black-tie dinner.

The Symposium gives our partners and staff members the ability to network with each other and make new connections, by breaking down barriers and simply having some fun. The event is a cultural milestone and celebration for gunnercooke. It’s a fantastic and unique occasion to meet and network with partners and colleagues, new and old, from across different practice areas, regions, and countries.

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